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My Approach

As a therapist (and as a person) my philosophy stems from the strengths perspective; I believe that you have inner strengths that can be accessed to help you feel well.

I'm your teammate, and the most important aspect of our work is that you are heard and understood. In the therapy room together, we talk, process, explore, brainstorm, plan, and wonder. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. At times during therapy, we will sit together in uncomfortable emotions. At other times, we will work together to determine plans of action for the coming week.

An essential element to our work is confidentiality. All aspects of our interactions will be kept in confidence which, beyond being ethically and legally mandated, is also part of the alchemy that makes therapy effective. We will discuss confidentiality at length during our first session.

I generally see clients weekly as they begin therapy. This allows us to start our work with some momentum. If you need to come in more or less frequently for a period of time, we can assess and readjust as needed.

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