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Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, we will work together to help you identify the patterns and cycles that are getting in the way of a secure connection. This awareness can help you start to shift and change as a couple.

I utilize EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for my work with couples. EFT is an effective, evidence-based treatment process that helps couples establish a secure attachment bond. The EFT process begins by helping both partners identify the negative cycles that you get caught in. Once you're tuned in to your patterns, you can start to notice and share the inner processes that keep you stuck. EFT encourages couples to team up against the cycle, which brings you closer together in this shared goal. EFT is based in attachment theory, and works toward strengthening the attachment bond between partners.

When you come in for couples counseling, our first session will be together as couple to learn about the challenges that bring you in to therapy. The next two sessions will be one-on-one, where I'll get a chance to learn more about your individual upbringings. After making an assessment about the appropriateness of couples therapy, we will return to couples sessions for the remainder of our work together.

EFT is developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. For more information about EFT, visit

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