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Individual Psychotherapy

In individual therapy, we will work closely together to form a comfortable and collaborative therapeutic relationship. In this safe space, you can learn, grow, and heal.​

We will work together toward resolving your current struggles; we will also explore and process the influence that your past has on your present functioning. As we work together, I integrate a number of evidence-based interventions and approaches. 

​I work with individuals in all phases and stages of life and of various cultural and spiritual backgrounds. I have immense respect for the you that comes through the door, and I feel privileged to get to know you as you share yourself in the room. Though you don't need to come in for one issue specifically, I have experience navigating issues such as:

  • Helping you work through depression

  • Navigating family stressors

  • Managing your anxieties

  • Dealing with relationship difficulties

  • Adjusting to transitions

  • Learning to be a grown person

  • Exploring the impact of your upbringing

  • Grieving and moving through loss

  • Struggling with self-esteem

  • Issues with jobs and career

  • College or graduate school challenges

  • Processing health concerns

  • Coping with stress

  • Exploring sexuality and intimacy

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