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Mental Health Therapist


In individual therapy, we will

work closely together to form a comfortable and collaborative therapeutic relationship. In this safe space, you can learn, grow, evolve, and heal.

In couples therapy, we will work together to help you identify the patterns and cycles that are getting in the way of a secure connection. Then, you can start to shift and change as a couple.

As a therapist (and as a person) my philosophy stems from the strengths perspective: I believe that you have inner resources and abilities that can help you be well.


Whether you feel the urge to address old hurts, change frustrating habits, grieve losses, or deepen your inner growth, psychotherapy can be beneficial. 

Let's Work Together

My clients are adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who want support in making some changes. Perhaps you have been depressed, lonely, or down on yourself. Maybe you've been plagued by perfectionism, anxiety, or worry. Or you're struggling in your relationship, friendships, or with family members. We can work on these issues, and I will accompany you as you move through the challenges.

I'm Emily, a therapist and licensed clinical social worker. I earned my Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California. I have been trained to work with a wide range of issues of living and mental health disorders -

and I really love this job.

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